Friday, September 23, 2016

Eclectic Arts #2 (2011)

Eclectic Arts #2 (2011)
44pg, letter, pro-printed, English

Clandestine Blaze, Dawn Desiree, Negative Existence, Warblood, Blodsgard

The second issue of this environmental friendly zine, bought from Negative Existence. I wanted to check the "progress" of the zine. The layout, etc are almost all like #1. Mentioned here #2 was released after few weeks after #1.

Mark Sugiyama likes black metal a lot and also explore other non-music stuff in this zine. You will find non-musician also being featured here. And that includes sculptor, painter, etc. You already know if you read #1. However there is no articles on craft breweries. Pretty sure in #1, the editor mentioned the zine is dedicated to this. Maybe continue again in #3 perhaps?

Looking at close-up photo of the face at the size of A4 paper looks a bit scary (referring to Dawn Desiree interview).

Beside interviews there are some articles, section on local scene and some short review in similar style like #1.

A quick googling, I found a blog made by the editor. He mentioned about doing another issue but can't find (read: I am too lazy to browse) the latest issue available.

c/o Mark Sugiyama

ecleticartszine at gmail dot com


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