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Eclectic Arts #1 (Apr. 2011)

Eclectic Arts #1 (Apr. 2011)
48pg, letter, laser xerox, English

Maniac Butcher, Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Satanic Warmaster, Vienna Teng (

It is mention in the zine that this zine is printed with recycled paper. Well, this might be my first zine printed with recycled materials. My first 'green' zine I would say.

The zine is dedicated to musician, artist and craft breweries. Again, my first zine covering such topics in one publication.

That's explain the weird selection of bands. You have BM and non-metal in an issue. Maniac Butcher?! The editor mentioned he's fan of the bands.  Questions are interesting. He do have inside-out knowledge of the bands. Since he is also a musician, some questions are related with music-composing and music business/industry.

There are articles on craft brewery and one article entitled "Last Call", about being a female black metal fan by Asti Spumante. Maybe it is applicable for US scene. Euro scene is different as what I was told.

The music reviews are simple and short. Not rated, not alphabetically arranged. Asti wrote some reviews too, the longer ones.

Lastly, about the layout. The layout is too simple. Just 1 column (or no column, if that you want to call it). Has table of content but the pages are not numbered. Some page have background pictures.

Stated here #3 is in progress although #2 not yet printed. That's how productive they are.

c/o Mark Sugiyama

ecleticartszine at gmail dot com

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