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Metal Storm #3 (1999)

Metal Storm #3 (1999)
64pg, A4, pro-printed, English

Mesmerize, Airged, Lamh, Dream Devoid, Leprosy, Rotting Christ, Sadistic Noise, Stigmata IV, Time Machine, Wardog, Lux Occulta, Marduk, Angra, Celestial Scream, Criminal, Immolation, Ancient Rites

Alexander The Great

Another Metal Storm but this is from Greece. Do you know Malaysia also has Metal Storm, an old pro-printed magazine created by the one of the editor of Nocturnal Slaves which later writes for Karisma (and some other magazines)? I think I will create one entry for the Malaysian one because I still keep this magazine.

Anyway, back to this Greek one, this magazine consist of Nikos Tzouannis as the Chief Editor, assisted by 3 writers. The previous issues, if I understand it correctly was written in Greek.

The layout; 3 columns per page which very much MS Word standard layout with big font size, probably size 12. Fortunately they use grey background and printed on glossy paper. If just plain white background, it will look very dull. Has table of content and the pages are numbered.

The main content is on Greek scene with its excellent choice of bands. The reviews are more on the Greek scene as well. The review section is called "Disk Count". The reviews are alphabetically arranged and rated out of 20. It probably include CD & LP but not really sure on that because they didn't mention the format of the album.

They also put reviews of Greek books in a section called "Free Your Mind". The article on Alexander the Great is a nice read too. Remember, internet just started at this point of time. So it is quite an effort to prepare article like this.

Not much info I can get when googling about this magazine. Below are the contact address and email.

Nikos Tzouannis
Amasias 5,
14233 N.Ionia,

besieger at yahoo dot com

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