Friday, November 11, 2016

Ultra Violent #9

Ultra Violent #9
60pg, 21cm x 26.7cm, pro-printed, English

Uwe Boll, Chuck Parello, Dennison Ramalho, Ben Tatar, John Wintergate, Meir Zarchi

The Abandon, Compound Pictures, Forced Entry, Independent Roll Call (on indie film) and Remembering Roger Watkins

This is a magazine that I bought many years ago. Horror & Exploitation Cinema magazine, as they call it. At that time, I kind of have motto for this blog "for publication promoting the forces of darkness" which featuring any publication that can be seen as absurd, dark, taboo, abnormal from Malay culture perspective but that topic is too broad for me to focus. Then I smaller the scope to fanzine and later to just metal zine/magazine. Since I already have this magazine and I like it too so I put it here.

Firstly, it's quite a surprise to see it on sale in the local bookstore. I hope the local authority can relax a bit their rule on censorship (or maybe they let it on sale by mistake).

Scott Gabbey and team made a good work here with the content. Interviews with horror movie director from cult movie like Boarding House or I Spit On Your Grave. Most of the topic discussed are the same topic you can read in a metal zine. Some gore arts, naked photos from the movies being discussed or reviewed.

The reviews section is of course focus on movies (in alphabetical order but not rated) but surprisingly there are some black metal CDs being review in the music CD section.

The layout however need some improvement. I am so used with professional magazine with fancy layout. What you can see here is normal 2 columns per page and 3 columns for review.

Ultra Violent Magazine
PO Box 110117
Palm Bay, FL  32911


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