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Sarawak Metal Force #7 (Dec 2011)

Sarawak Metal Force #7 (Dec 2011)
24pg, A5, xerox, English

Ungodly Death

Unholy Sin, Deadshot, Vermean, Kambing Sakti, Kherow, Rottuary, Foxhole, Keruntuk, Sebayan, Kremation

This is a good effort in promoting Sarawak (a state in East Malaysia) metal scene. I wish every state can have their own publication like this. Few things I am unsure the frequency of this newsletter being released or whether it is released whenever Sarawak Metal Force gig is scheduled. I also don’t quite understand why it is stated 'published with permission from Sarawak Metal Force'.

In this issue you can read some info or history of this newsletter which last issue (#6) was released in 2003. The aim, as stated by them, is to encourage bands to write their own material and produce quality songs. Why long delay in releasing this issue and was the previous one not made by Mad3Sign? I also have no clue on this.

This can be your introduction to the present Sarawak Metal scene. Interview is only with one band. But you can read the news on Shadow, Unholy Sin, Saktism, Voltan, Shamanic Rites, Demon War, Immolate, Chakwan Syndrome, Line Haul, Dark Throttle, Kherow, Curse Of Gods beside bio of bands listed above. There are also ads at the bottom of the page (from distro to studio).

Layout is good, not your conventional MS Word or cut n paste. This newsletter show you the right way of using black/dark background and the text is still readable in both black and white font color. If it is printed in laser printer, it will be a lot better (print them this way for the next issue please!).

This issue comes with free CD-R sampler. I found some old issues at some local distro. Hope can get a copy of those as well.


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