Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Domain #7 (2012)

Domain #7 (2012)
76pg, A4, xerox, English

Zygoatsis, Envenom, Battlestorm, Thorns of Hate, Nightwolf, Remains, Vault, Gempita Records, Lobotomy, Recrucify, Perversor, Goat Semen, Metalucifer

Serial Killer: Mona Fandey

Good to see another issue of Domain. To date for me, this is best issue so far in terms of layout. Layout-wise, they are using frame/border artwork and Alan Corpse did a great job! As for the content, I have nothing to complain. Good selection of bands and the questions are interesting. I think this is the first time I read an interview with Gempita Records. For those who don't know, Gempita Records is Malaysian label which release some great vinyl title like the LP version of Sil Khannaz 1st album.

When you have Metalucifer, then you must have Neal Tanaka. Full page of him in inside the front cover and in the back cover.

The editor continues the tradition of having article on serial killer. I am not a fan of such article, but you rarely find any zine writes about Mona Fandey. You must read this. She's a witch and her victims probably killed for her black magic ritual.

Other 'tradition' is no table of content and the pages are not numbered. There is zine review and they are not rated and not alphabetically arranged.

My copy is hand-numbered #195 out of 400. This issue is already sold-out from the editor. I got this by trade with member of Goatlusting Chaos. After 6 month or more I finally got the zine. As for you, I found some distro in Germany that have some copies. Get this now!

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