Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Exh Goetie #1 (2008)

Exh Goetie #1 (2008)
8pg, A5, xerox, English/French

I hope the artwork portray what it supposed to portray because I think the goat's face looks funny.

This is a newsletter, made in cut n paste layout style. Consist of info on the releases of Exh Goetie and their mailorder list and it also presented some reviews of their releases taken from other zine. The is also a gig report in French. Very rare to see this kind of publication these day.

I sent an email asking for their latest distro list (I got their distro flyers before I got this newsletter) but they didn't reply. I don't remember who sent this newsletter but thanks for giving me one.

c/o David Lafaye
7 Ch. De La Saudiere
69380 Lissieu

goetiedistro at aol dot com

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