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Ad Arma! #2 (2002)

Ad Arma! #2 (2002)
80 pg, A4, pro-printed, English

Necromantia, Satyricon, Acheron, Malign, Varathron, Thorns, Stregoica Zine, The Voice Of The Dark Zine, Manes, Blessed in Sin

Satanic Art

I found this in Ledo Takas mail-order ( So I bought a few old zine. They still sold some of old zine and fortunately some of them are the one I wanted to get when it was out back then but lack of money (still studying at the time).

Ad Arma! is the work of Northwind and Tadas along with some contributors.

Ad Arma! is pro-printed in glossy paper with white text on black background. Small text size, I have to emphasize this in 3 columns but everything is just nice for me for the layout.

Strange number chosen for rating the review:

Album review: rated 1 to 13 (small text, 5 columns per page, all together 27 page! That's a lot to read!)
*"Vinylized" review: rated 0-13
*"Demonstratus" review: rated I to VI (alphabetically arranged and lots of demo here)
Do I need to explain what Vinylized & Demonstratus about? You can guess and most of you will get it right. There are some kind of 'introduction' on these section.

Address of the labels provided. Literature review however is not rated.

Beside this, there are gig report on Wacken 2001 and Inferno Fest 2002.

Below are the contacts taken from the zine. Not sure it still valid anymore or not. Check first before you do anything.

Last check before publishing this, info from Ledotakas website said "this issue marks the end of Ledo Takas publication era". I take that this issue is the last issue.


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