Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Deadhead #6 (2015)

Deadhead #6 (2015)
152 pg, A4, pro-printed, English

Morbid Angel, Alan Moses of Glorious Times/Buttface Zine, Spectral Birth/Incubus, Punisher/Picagari, Slaughter, Poison, Venom, Merciless Death, Morbid Magazine, Metal Mania Zine, Suffercation, Bulldozer, Samhain/Desexull, Grave Desecrator, Ungodly Death, Poisonous, Black Grave/Mati Katak, Vulga, Morbid Funeral, Paragon Records, Mazetorment, Neurosis, Trench Hell, Cobra, Eurynomos, Evoked Doom, Bode Preto

The Origin Of Thrash Metal
Killing Technology: Internet Idiocy or Supremacy
The Underground Doctrine
Inside Malaysia's Underground Metal Scene
Glam Rock and its Effect to Underground Scene
This write-up article is about honouring metal legends Venom!!!
The Searching Of The Sangwitok Weirdo
Trash Talk: Thrashing Shit
Memory Lane: Malaysian Music Evolution

Pro-printed inside out! What else do you want from Deadhead Zine? If you read my past reviews you know how the interviews are like. Having that kind writings and with crystal clear printing like this, just fukking awesome!

Layout wise remain the same, 2 columns per page with frame artworks. Simple layout but all these looks very neat. There are some mini posters. Most notable is Rator.

As you know, the interviews made by Wan are insanely in-depth. Some are in multiple sessions like Eurynomos had a second interview after Eye of The Pantheon is released.

There are also interviews contributed by Rosmalie of Api Zine (Grave Desecrator) and Venom by contributors from Poland. The ones I really dig are those with old Malaysian bands/zine. Vulga interview was done in Malay and translated to English.

Now having clearer picture of Mazetorment, smiling with warpaint on your face can also invoke that eerie feelings. I remember looking at the picture in some zine in those years but doesn't feel it. Or maybe I am remembering something else.

Actually after looking at Afterlife Prod's FB updates on the re-print of this issue, only then I realized issue #6 haven't yet being uploaded. Can you believe I have 87 drafts in my list? You can read lots of zine but to find the time (and motivation?) to type the review... sometimes I feel I am too old for this shit.

Also mentioned that this issue was sold-out in less than a month. And I am proud having this version. Let's wait for the second pressing European version.

To get the updates, check out Afterlife Productions FB page:

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