Friday, January 20, 2017

Hellfrost #5 (1998)

Hellfrost #5 (1998)
48 pg, Letter, pro-print, English

Absu, Anal Cunt, Arckanum, Deceased, Fleshgrind, Hypocrisy, Morbid Angel, Necrophobic, Sadus, Suffocation, Wumpscut

A zine from 1998 in newsprint format. The paper have aged, looks yellowish. So now I know, must avoid this paper type. Later I found written in the zine "a collectors edition (high grade paper) in 666 copies and with sticker". You can actually choose which format to buy.

The pages are numbered, have table of content. 3 columns per page. 1 full page for editorial. The picture quality is not good and anticipated this in this newsprint format.

The reviews rated, separated by genre. The scale used is between 0 to 100 with ofcourse 100 being the best. The title of the stuff reviewed used different font types probably to suit with the genre of the stuff. Only music stufs being review here including demo.

There are "Metal To The Core" (label's list and addresses), "Metal On The Internet" (list of websites) and list of releases in 1998.

W Argonne Dr.
Milwaukee WI 53222 USA

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