Friday, November 11, 2016

Bells Of Acheron #0 (2011)

Bells Of Acheron #0 (2011)
44pg, A5 (6.5" x 9.3"), pro-printed, English

While Heaven Wept, Dantesco, Desaster, Funebrarum, Nocturnal, Apokalyptic Raids, Craig Pillard, Anatomia/Nuclear Death, Volcano, Omision, Unaussprechlichen Kulten, Decomposed, Communion, The Devils Blood

I once asked a zine editor if they have second-hand or zine that they dont want to keep and sell them at discounted-priced. And this is one of that I got. Thanks man!

I want to introduce you the editor of this zine; Jesus "Unholy Pariah Outsider Of Anti Metal Colombian Scene Caller Of The Paranormal Blood Spawns Of Desecration And Nightmares" Claros. How's that for a name? Great right?

The editor has 20 years of experience in doing interviews for zine. Didn't mentioned what zine or maybe contributor or co-editor. The works here is great, if not excellent! Questions are very long (no intro before the interview though). Although a bit 'unconventional' with no editorial section and starts the debut issue with #0.

The layout is in cut n paste style, small fonts, the pages numbered, no table of content, some page with frame artwork. Killer artwork especially on the review section. I got problem with page 34. Couldn't figure it out, written in language I don't understand.

Not much reviews in this issue. They are alphabetically arranged and not rated.

The one I like the most, the section call "Horrenda Vision...", which is the reviews of old Colombian bands and demos.

The zine is actually smaller than A5. I put the dimension to not confuse all of you.

I tried google the zine's name before uploading this post. Found some reviews (issue #3) and the editor's email and website.

Great work. Now I am looking for other issues of Bells of Acheron.

traumarkhan [at] hotmail [dot] com


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