Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Prostata #7 (2012)

Prostata #7 (2012)

36 pg, A4, xerox, English

Nocturnal Breed/Conjuration, Skitsystem, Alcoholic Nightmare, Glob, Blaspherian, Agathocles, Evil Angel, Zoldier Noiz, Black Magic, Eat Pussy, Cliteater, Fondle Corpse, No Poser Please!, Tinner, Ironcunt, Mare, Stone Vengeance, TQB, Lobotomized, Obliteration, Cock ESP, Magrudergrind, Brutal Truth

Apologies for not putting the complete list of the bands here. There are few more bands which I'm not sure their name (Ukrainian bands). The zine is made in cut n paste style and use lots of pictures on the background. The editor puts humors in the interviews. Of course, that depends on how you interpret the questions. Some questions are not related with music (some bands get lots of questions like this). Black Magic & Eat Pussy consist of very short interview. The editor mentioned these are "crappy bands" but he still give them some space here for them.

The reviews are short and do not have specific section. Only half page of review times there which mean not many reviews. They are not rated and not alphabetically arranged.

Quite unusual 'intro' in the editorial (I am too, saddened after knowing the death of the frog. Another life is loss ;-) ).

Not bad really, I like it despite the short review. The zine is already 7 issues old so the editor knows what's good to give to the readers. I like it better if they don't put pictures of topless ugly women.

Hans Böymann

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