Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lopman is a Metalhead #1 (2013)

Lopman is a Metalhead #1 (2013)

24 pg, A5, xerox, Malay

Az-Zalzalah, Deforming Torture, Molotov Cocktail

This zine feature metal & punk bands and add in some comics. The comic featuring none other than Lopman himself. "Lopman" is a fictional character with spiked hair. It is quite funny when people making fun of Lopman. You know some people look evil or 'trve' but in reality they are sometimes an idiot. The interviews questions are simple which around 15 to 20 questions asked to the bands. Layout is in cut n paste style. In total there are 5 comics with each comic (6 panel) per page. The drawing for the comic look simple, maybe not the best or not that detailed (actually I don’t know how to comment the drawing but I've seen some make it better) but the story in the comic is what matter the most. Xerox quality is not good but for a mere RM2, so that can be forgiven

I have plenty of this for sales for RM2 (inclusive postage to Malaysia residents) or you can buy/trade it from editor.

lopmanismetalhead a yahoo.com

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