Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hellfukking Metal #3 (2012)

Hellfukking Metal #3 (2012)
48 pg, A4, xerox, English

Veinen, Assassin, Crucifixxx Sodomy, Black Feast, Midnight, Communion, Ocean Of Zero, Slaughtered Priest, Sadokist

2 years later came out the third issue. Some visible improvement (after flipping through my hand-numbered copy #079 before start reading it) is in the layout of the review section. It doesn’t have that much empty space like #2. In #3, the layout is combination of cut n paste and computer layout (2 or 3 columns per page). I personally not fond of the font type used in this issue (I am so used to see typewriter type font type in a zine). He also added flyers to fill up space.

The editor maintains the interview style (more on music and band-related question) but no longer have the additional 13 questions like #2. The longest interview (and the best in this issue) is with Assassin which is quite special for the editor.

The reviews are not rated and not alphabetically arrange and at times are very long. There is a review section entitled "From The Past Comes The Storm". It is and old demo reviews section but not necessarily from the 80's because it has one from 2002.

Xerox quality is as good as #2 only this time you can see clearer picture of the editor.

The editor also run distro/label called Dynamite Prod which is the official distributor of Into The Catacomb zine/newsletter which is a great newsletter (more info on this later). So please ask the latest distro list when contacting him.

c/o Deathexecutioner

dynamite_prod a yahoo.gr


  1. I totally missed out this comment. Zine Fest? Interesting! I'll try to attend next time.