Monday, May 6, 2013

Bestial Avenger #2 - Into the Void

Bestial Avenger #2 - Into the Void

92pg, A5, xerox, English

This great DIY comic continues. This issue starts at where they stop last time, arriving at the doomsday fest. There is an interview session with the mighty Pentagram. Is this happening in real life (and later drawn for this project)? And that crazy Japanese dude too? Those were some of the hilarious part in this issue.

Pentagram have a broken bass guitar, they offered them to borrow theirs. Later on their van broke down and Pentagram offered them a lift and they travelled together in the same van to the next venue. Bobby Liebling becomes their roadie/gig crew and the next gig and that shocked those people there.

The story ended when they arrived at Thirsty Club, still closed. Now I want #3!

This issue also available for download.

While reading this comic, I remembered one underground comic project here in Malaysia, called "Under One Flag" (if not mistaken) released in mid 1990's. It’s a comic project with editor of Obscure People zine and few others. The story is about metal and underground music fans. Anyone here remember this? Wondering where is Borg now.

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