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Erotic Perversion #1 (2002)

Erotic Perversion #1 (2002)
40 pg, A5, pro-printed, English

Alexia, Nalle Virolainen

I bought few issues of this mag together some metal zine from Northern Heritage Records ( I'm very curious about this zine especially when a metal distro selling them. Originally this magazine was released in Finnish and now made available in English. I never had any experience reading other publication in this topic so I can't compare.

This not a porn mag and not intended to be your masturbation material (look at those crazy pictures!!). If I read it right, no specific topic were chosen for this magazine. The mag was created to satisfy editor personal taste. So what is the topic that the editor like? I think you can get the picture after I write down the content.

Only few interviews in this issue. One with Alexia, an actress and into shit and piss sex while Nalle was the editor of Chain S/M fanzine and owner of Kinky Club. Interviews are interesting and so does the reviews. Probably because I have little no knowledge of the topics discussed so I am able to read them all without getting bored.

The book reviews are quite detailed but not rated. They commented on every chapter in the book. What I found useable for me the review include the size of the book. Instead of A4, A5, etc they put the dimension like 20cm x 15cm which I can use this style for my review. Honestly some zine size is not using the common size even though I put A5 or A4. Sometime they are a bit smaller/bigger than what I said. On the video reviews they also put the genre of movie (how many genres are in porn?). Beside this, they also review magazine and special section like "Bukkake Mania", "Skylex Video Journal video series", "Vintage Perversion Mag. Classic & Super-8 Loop Classic" and my fave "Extreme Bizarre Japan" (perverse Japanese porn video).

Also featured here are sex stories, picture of people engaging in bondage, S&M, pierced testicles and drawings. Apologies! I have to censored some of pictures here.

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