Saturday, February 25, 2012

Erotic Perversion #2 & #3

Erotic Perversion #2 & #3 (200?)
52 pg, A5, pro-printed, English

2 issues combined in one. Originally it released in Finnish but not the whole issue #2 & #3 are put here. Those articles (or maybe the interview too?) which is 'exclusively' for Finnish people are left out.

This time there are more pictures and the printing quality is better. In the previous issue, the picture quality is a bit dark but now it is better.

Other improvement are there are pictures accompany the stories (or story accompany the picture on some part) and the reviews (VHS/DVD/ books & magazine) are much more informative and the books includes ISBN number.

Stories/Article: Chilling Salt Water, Ylioppilasjuhlat, The Wet Train Journey, Whipped!, Her Own Slaves, Anonymous In The Dark Room, Sperm Crazy Amatuers, Cicciolina,W.A.M.

New in this issue: Reader's Opinion/Letter (a reader gave his picture being fist-fucked in the ass and penis being stand-on between books. Awesome, right?).

What I found amusing is people rubbing shit and pissing each other as means to satisfy their sexual need. And of course lots of pictures on scat and golden shower when they are on this subject.

This mag teaches me to respect other people hobby or behavior and also learnt some new words or term although I felt funny or disgusted (or both) most of the time for example "Warmness & softness of shit encourages me to play with it". Anyway, I’m looking forward to have the next issue.

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