Thursday, January 26, 2012

Virus #6 (2010)

Virus #6 (2010)
56 pg, A4, xerox, English

Omen, Crown Ov Horns, Infernal Nightmare, Diabolical Demon Director, Maleficio, The Frost, Diabolic, Swamp, Soul Devour, Hellish Crossfire, Witchaven, Enthroned, Dark Funeral

A year later we have issue #6 and coincidentally putting Beherit on its cover (which Malaysian zine have Beherit on its cover in 2010? Go read the archived if you haven't read it before). I’m a bit disappointed with the xerox quality which can be made a lot better. Layout-wise it's almost the same like #5. Some pages in cut & paste style and some pages are just with border art or just plain 2 columns per page. The pages are numbered and with table of content. The news section is also available just like the previous issue. Yes, the editor's English is as bad as mine but still readable. However the bands are great in answering the interviews. The answers are like 10 times longer than the questions being asked to them. The review section covers audio stuff and zine. Both reviews are not alphabetically arranged and not rated. On audio reviews Fauzi is not alone, the infamous Mr. Ed and a 'mysterious man' also contribute their opinions. The articles presented in this issue are Pearl of Abyss (made know who, right?) and Virus's original "Possessed by Sarcofago". I felt strange though looking at this tribute page. I noticed Virus's logo on the tribute page looks much better than the one on the front cover. My copies are hand-numbered #20 and also include the blue color stamping.

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