Thursday, September 13, 2012

Widmo zine fourth issue

news from Widmo Zine!

soon before the end of the world the fourth issue of Widmo zine got unleashed straight from the abyss... this time featuring interviews with:

ARKONA (Khorzon), BIAŁY VITEŹ (Wojmir/Skogen), DARK FURY (Raborym), DARKTHRONE (Fenriz), DUSZĘ WYPUŚCIŁ (Sars/Blzn), FJORD (Wodansson), FLAME OF WAR (Njord), FOREFATHER (Wulfstan), IPERYT (The Schocker), KALOT ENBOLOT (Svart/Mike), KHORS (Khorus), NECROSCOPE zine (Skalpel), SEGES FINDERE (Strigoi), SKYFORGER (Peter), STABAT MATER/NORTHERN HERITAGE (Mikko), TEMNOZOR (Gorruth), THE WOLVES OF AVALON (Metatron) and VARATHRON (Necroabyssious)... of which most turned out to be extensive and informative. many pseudo-intellectual, narrow minded or simply silly (the ones dealing with reality) questions and wrong answers (or maybe the other way around?). all of it English written and professionally printed on 44 A4 pages. no ads or space wastes (apart from the trendy/glossy cover) nor fancy /unnecessary graphics! yet lots of reading for devoted maniacs! To be found at:








or directly from:

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