Friday, October 19, 2012

Psychomantium #2 (2000)

Psychomantium #2 (2000)
60 pg, A5, pro-print, English

Tales of The Macabre Mag, Enthroned, Denial Of God, Impiety, Aeternus, Anasarca, Grief, Secrets of The Moon, Kaamos

A second-hand zine I bought from some zine editor. If you have any zine to sell (used or new) just drop me an email. For the older issues, if the price is right I will buy it. Back to this zine, it reminds me of local zine like Thy Unholy Abyss that use electric typewriter. Psychomantium uses font type that looks similar to that. The layout is simple but looks great, using only 1 column per page for the interviews. They use the space in the paper to its maximum. You can see only few millimeters of free space at the edge of every page. Almost every page has pictures so this will kill the boredom you might feel when reading too many texts. They also put page number and table of content. Only for the review section (3 columns per page for "Vinyl Butchery", "CD" and 2 columns for "Demo & Tape") which I think the columns are too close with each other.

About the content, there is a small section for news, tablatures for 'Lunatic Gods's Creation' from Deicide and a tribute section; "A Tribute to Desecrating Metal", a tribute to old bands namely Blasphemy, Beherit & Mystifier. There is also a section called Playergirl: Entertained Women, which features some news of women in metal bands and also interview (interview with Aeternus's Morrigan is for this section). The reviews are arranged in alphabetical order and not rated. Some reviews with logo while some have the front cover.

There are contact addresses in this zine but due to my bad handwriting, I can't read what I've wrote (already traded this zine with someone). Anyway, I found an outdated Facebook page. There's a note there, "Psychomantium Zine is not dead but shaking in its sleep. The Awakening is soon to come." This is one of the good half-sized pro-printed zine I read for quite some time. I'm waiting for Hellios, Salva, Carol & Aleydis to start 'the awakening'.

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