Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Abgrundjabokiz - Ainaz MMVII

Abgrundjabokiz - Ainaz MMVII
80pg, A5, xerox, English

This booklet published by Anti-Cosmic Männerbund Abgrundjaskalkaz (non-political religious esoteric society). You can probably google that if want to know more about them. I was lucky to have this by trade.

The book have 3 chapters:
1) Wolves and Werewolves in Germanic Tradition
2) Prehistory a Golden Age?
3) The swastika and sauvastika in Germanic tradition

Probably after complete reading this, it can help me to understand some of the interviews in Doomsday Testament 'zine (review of this zine will be uploaded later). I must admit the one on swastika/sauvastika is really enlightening. There are lots of pictures so it keeps me awake in my reading session.

This booklet or Abgrundjaskalkaz is not connected to National Socialist. There is an article explaining this in Scythe of Death website. I found out later Scythe of Death is the distributor of publications issued by Abgrundjaskalkaz. To obtain a copy, please go the label's website.

Scythe of Death Productions

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