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Thrash Attack #10 (2012)

Thrash Attack #10 (2012)
212 pg, A5, pro-printed, English

Vampyr, Messerschmitt, Mad Butcher, Succubitch, Vendetta, Poseidon, Protector, Erazor, Living Death, Pyracanda, Paradox, Harris Johns (Music Lab Berlin), Beer Pressure, Holy Moses, Deathrow, Rezet, Backwater, Desaster, Iron Angel, Slaughter Command, Torment, Poison, Deathfist, Defender, Wardance, Cruel Force, Warrant, Outrage, Unscared, Monumentor, Assassin, Blizzard, First Aid, Necronomicon

Hellish Crossfire, Sweet Cheat, Witchburner, Tracer, Infernal Death, Airwolf, C.Woron, Delirium Tremen, Hateful Agony, Darkness, Motor, Evil Warrior, Nocturnal Witch, Violent Force, Eliminator, Pain, Obsessor, Minotaur, Despair, Old, Nocturnal, Vectom, Colderone, Atlain, Mekong Delta, Mania, Skullbreaker, Witching Hour, Fatal Embrace, Ruins, Angel Dust, Ketzer, Chainsaw, Exumer, Division Speed

The tenth issue of Thrash Attack and Flo presented to us an issue that outdoes all his past issues. A grand 212 pro-printed pages (I didn't count the page. I usually count the number of page (including the cover) but for this one I use the info I got from the web) and with a special column; "Teutonic Invasion - 30 years fo Speed & Thrash from Germany". What great way to celebrate the 10th issue but I hope it will not end up like Morbid Tales which stops after releasing the latest issue in pro-print.

Some drawback which have minimal impact; the printing looks like it is not enough ink. Other than this, it is all OK.

A little bit on the layout, this time still cut n paste but no background image, just frame artwork.

There are plenty of band's bios which I listed above but some are just a little bit of info on obscure German bands in the 80's. I wish to have more info on them.

Live reports are plenty. As usual, I like reading them. It’s like reading some one's diary on their heavy metal journey to and at the gig.

Reviews are in multiple parts (I, II, III, IV and last minute review). Includes the releases front cover and the genre of the stuff being reviewed, which I have said before, you can skip the whole review if they are not the genre you like). Some Malaysian stuff being reviewed; Firasah 7", Lobotomy cdr, Reaper (might have some printing error. Actually some pages suffer this kind of deformity) and Virus #6.

- Overlooked Records (similar to Pearl from The Abyss)
- Memories from a deadserious full timethrasher by Sigi (Hellish Crossfire)
- Let's Thrash! Thrash Metal in the GBR
- Heavy Metal Battle TV-Show by Neudi (very long one)
- Tribute to Big 4 (Kreator, Sodom, Destruction, Tankard)

When I first saw the "Tribute to Big 4", I am curious at first which are the really big 4 since I can remember 3 (Kreator, Sodom, Destruction). Then I realized I can't remember any Tankard releases.

Latest check before this review is uploaded, it can still be purchased from the editor's label mailorder, Dying Victims Productions.



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