Friday, April 11, 2014

Darahhead #2 (December 2012)

Darahhead #2 (December 2012)
60 pg, A5, xerox, Malay

Succubus, Corpsereaper, Putrified Remains, Foxhole, Lavatory, Nvarathos, Demon War, Inside, Visitant, Shamanic Rites

Darahhead was a newsletter in their debut issue (if understand it right from was written in the editorial), now the second issue have evolved to a full size fanzine. And the editor is also the man behind Virus Zine. The difference between the two are the language; Darahhead in Malay while Virus in English and the size (Darahhead in A5, Virus in A4). There probably more differences or maybe not.

On the layout of Darahhead, they are combination of cut n paste or two columns MS word layout with frame artwork and uses small size font. The pages are numbered but not table of content. I wish the photocopy quality can be made better and the artwork on page 39 can be made sexier.

Reviews cover music (local stuff mostly) and zine and they are not rated.

Beside these there are also gig reviews; 2 pages of well-written gig report on Impiety gig in Sandakan and the rest are Vehemence Distortion II and KL Thrashed 2012.

This issue features lots of local bands and some with good chats. Hope to see #3 soon and can be made as a yearly publication. Some interviews are best translated to English for international metalhead to read. If Fauzi do this, he will have completed 50% of the new issue of Virus zine.


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