Tuesday, March 1, 2011

SOD #23

SOD #23
82 pg, fullsize, English

Celtic Frost, Witchery, Bestial Mockery, Yakuza, Cretin, Lair of The Minotaur, Torture Killer, Surrender of Divinity, Non Human Level, Summoning, Schizo, Sodom, Merrimack, Torture

Most magazine used a bit reduced font size but not them. Layouts are also normal type with no fancy design. Questions by DH are a bit easy. Mostly it will starts with "Tell me about...". I think this made his trademark. But Octavio is different, looks a bit intelligent. There are lots of reviews but not in depth one. Reviews (only audio stuff) are rated with "skulls" and 666 skulls being the highest points (Pro Patria Finlandia, Metal Black are among them). This issue comes with free Twilight Distro samplerCD. I bought this because Surrender of Divinity on the front cover. I checked their website and it says the name have been changed to DOA.

c/o David Horn
731 Heatherstone Drive
High Ridge, MO 63049



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