Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mandrake #1 (2000)

Mandrake #1 (2000)
52 pg, A4, pro-printed, English

Morbid Angel, Limbonic Art, Mayhem, Cirith Gorgor, Detonation, Shadows Fall, Emperor, Heresiarh, Your Shapeless Beauty, Ancient Rites, Enid

Scene Report

The editor, Rahab (not sure whether this is the same Rahab in the band Ordo Draconis) & Joris, did a good job for this issue in terms of the interviews made and having the zine printed in glossy paper although the layout is simple. The pages are numbered and have table of content. Small font size is used with 3 columns per page for interviews and 4 columns for review and band pictures are put on the background. Live interviews are much more interesting since the answer is longer for example Morbid Angel (and very long one!). I have to admit it is weird to read very long intro on Mayhem. Reviews arranged in alphabetical order, not rated and number of tracks and duration for CD are also included. The arrangement of picture is quite different. Normally we put them before the review of that release and not after the review. Review section of demo also available and with track number but without front cover. The scene consumed 9 pages which cover the most recent (of that time) to older bands as well info on distro & zine. A very comprehensive report!

This is an old issue but somehow some distro still have some copies in 2010. I'm not really successful in getting latest info from the internet. Tried the email address but it bounced.

Mandrake Magazine
Archimedesstraat 12,
NL-2871, XL Schoonhoven,
The Netherlands


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