Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Total Death #2 (2013)

Total Death #2 (2013)
56 pg, A5, pro-printed, English

Goat Skull, Impaler Of Pest, Grom Records, Ugra Karma, Skin Eater, Nunslaughter, With Burning Contempt, Ptahil, Radiation Sickness, My Funeral, Neldoreth, Patronymicon, Moonkult, Masochist, Master, Putrified, Internal Damage, Seibex, Tales Of Blood, Sickrites, Towards Prophecy, Vortex Of Clutter, Shotgun Sludge, Ttnfyr, Black Witchery, Haiduk, Pest, Disforterror, Aegnor, Scent Of Death

The zine is thicker in issue #2. Total Death family is bigger now with Zivon Gurung, Petar Mrvic and Grinder in the team. The layout is the same like issue #1. Still uses skull in the background but the graphic have been toned down, not as dark as #1. It looks better like this. Font size increased, some use like size 12.

The reviews (music) also using larger font size and have more reviews. Rated out of 10 and separated by the reviewer. Glad to know Ugra Karma from Nepal is still active. I interviewed them for some zine in early 2000s.

Some questions are asked to almost every band. I hope they answer it honestly when asked about their day job. Now I realized Metal for Animal Liberation is a regular column. For this section they interview Vegan bands. Oh well, everyone entitled to their own opinions. But Vegan death metal doesn't sound right for me. Scent of Death interview is on a separate A4 sheet. In Malay we call this 'last kopek interview'.

Beside this there are also scene report on Serbian scene & Lithuanian scene and article on Nepal Deathfest.

This issue comes with free Cdr-EP of Darkall Slaves "Abyssies of Seclusion".

My copy is hand-numbered 40/200.

They have bigcartel site but shows that all issues already sold-out. Info in their FB says they no longer active as print zine and launch a webzine under different name.


info at total-death dot com

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