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Trooper Art Regime #1 (August 2013)

Trooper Art Regime #1 (August 2013)
32 pg, A5, xerox, Malay/English

Mu-Aru, Halun, Hiding Fear, Hanator, Torture Squad (in English), Penguasa Anjing, Slay Death

The zine is nicely wrapped in plastic cover. Glossy front cover and content are all printed using color laser printer. Trooper Art Regime scores high on presentation.

But how about the content? The layout is a simple 2 columns per page. Luckily they are using color, if it is in black & white it will be very dull. No page number but have table of content. Some improvement can still be made on these.

The interviews are good. Probably can be more in-depth. I think translating the Torture Squad to Malay will be a lot better.

There is a very detail report of a gig organized by them in December 2012. The reviews are not rated and they have a section on their own releases.

Beside this there is news section from local scene on the last pages, after that few pages of flyers.

I also like the mini poster of Mu-Aru. I think it is better next time printed on separate sheet. Make it like a pull-out poster. Having a good printed poster of Malaysian bands on the wall will be very nice.

No info in the zine on editorial staff of this zine but I think those active in the local scene already know who they are.

This issue includes a 10 tracks CDr sampler.

I hope TAR can be released consistently. Support!

trooperartregime [at] gmail [dot] com

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