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Turbulence #1 (2014)

Turbulence #1 (2014)
28 pg, A5, xerox, Malay

This is not a zine but a comic issued by Metal Thrashing Mag. When I first saw this on FB, the first thing came into my mind was Nagawika's Bestial Avenger. This is the only comparison I can make.

The cartoonist or artist behind Turbulence is Rob Scallywag. Nothing much I can say about him except that I like his work in Turbulence. The drawings are good. The story is presented well. The photocopy quality is also good. You can see clearly the line strokes, those curly hair, etc. I think I need to read more comic review so I can review this kind of publication better because I don’t know what else to say beside that I like this a lot. There is no date of release mentioned in the comic.

About the story in Turbulence #1 is about the band called Turbulence, preparing for their first gig. While Dol, Jiman, and Samad rehearsing, Samad's old friend Joe came to see them. Joe, the pioneer of the thrash metal movement in the city also an ex-convict (drug offence) need a favour from Samad to join a fight with the Drug King. But this fight will clash with Turbulence's first gig and can be fatal. This issue ends with flash back on how they both met in 1991. You can see here how Central Market looks like back then (the way I remembered it).

Turbulence is written in Malay and sold at a very good price. Support!



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