Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Forgotten Path #3 (2011)

Forgotten Path #3 (2011)
124 pg, A4, pro-print, English

Strix, Loits, Enslaved, Luctus, Graveland, Lebensessenz, Bestial Raids, Supremacy, Through Intolerance, Keep Of Kalessin, Code, Empty, Antichrist Mag./Dead Center Prod, Animus Mortis, Teloch, Shining

This is my first encounter with this magazine (the issue is hand-numbered #14). The editor Odium and another 9 writers manage to release a massive issue. Honestly Graveland was the reason for me getting this mag. Luckily I was not disappointed with the whole mag.

All in glossy paper with background color/picture. Good layout (2 columns or 3 columns) but probably will look better if the font size reduced a little bit (the review section fonts are a bit smaller). Also made available a table of content and the pages are numbered.

Interviews covers music, band history and ideology are things being discussed. Some questions are very long. And yes, the Graveland interview was great.

The reviews are separated with audio and magazine having their own section and the section are named as simple "Audio review". No hellish title. The audio reviews are alphabetically arranged and rated. Lots of stuff being reviewed (30 pages!) most of them the first time I hear the band's name. The magazine review is also alphabetically arranged but not rated.

Beside these there are also gig reports (Negura Bunget in Liverpool, Blackmass Ritual Fest 3, Devilstone Open Air, etc).

This issue still available although looks like out-dated a lot by now since the 6th issue is already in the making now. Checkout their website. They also have a huge mailorder list.

c/o Martynas Vaškevičius
P.D 2712,
Vytenio 2/40,
LT-03001, Vilnius,



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