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Necromaniac #10 (2013)

Necromaniac #10 (2013)
136 pg, A4, pro-print, English

Unaussprechlichen Kulten, Undergang, Necros Christos, Stench, Morbid Chron, Necrovorous, Witchrist, Communion, Demonic Rage, Dead Congregation, Mitochondrion, Incantation, Order From Chaos, Funebrarum, Ritual Necromancy, Escarnium, Imposer, Sepulcral, Diskord, Execration, Coffin Texts, Purgatory, Into Darkness, Cadaveric Fumes, Nar Mattaru, Embalmed Souls, Slaughterday, Disembowelment, Inverloch, Procession, Swarm of Terror, Cthonic Aura, Misacounojo Records, Diabolical Messiah, Organ Zine, Paolo Girardi (artist), Genocide Shrine, Vorum, Maveth, Wound

My first posting in 2014 and the zine having the privileged as the first submission is a death metal fanzine from Germany, Necromaniac Issue #10.

Thomas, assisted by 7 contributors has made this monster issue (with Sadistic Intent on the back cover) possible. I saw Hacker in the list but not sure if this is the same Hacker of Unholy Terror Zine. And the contributor also includes Frank Stover.

This is probably the thickest in Necromaniac history since I haven't seen their back issues. I hope I didn't make a lot of spelling mistakes in the interview list up there.

Layout-wise, mostly using old-school style of layout (typewriter font, frame art, etc). Some pages using a bit modern style (e.g. Necros Christos or Stench) or in black background (Communion, Cadaveric Fumes) but all are equally good in my opinion. The pages are numbered but no table of content.

For the interviews some have intro before the interview starts. The first questions are sometimes very long. The interview made by Thomas usually ended with the hardest questions ever, Top 10 albums list.

The reviews are not rated and not alphabetically arranged and sometimes have the band's logo. Some reviews act like a filler to fill up the empty space after the interview. Reviews cover music and zine. Thomas is also an artist. You can see his coold artworks in this issue.

The interview with Order From Chaos was made at NWN Festival in 2010. I wish they could give longer answer.

The zine is given a free CDr sampler with pro-printed cover.

It is already sold out from the editor but I am sure if you google now (Feb 2014), some distro might still have this for sale. I suggest get this quick before it completely sold-out.

c/o Thomas Westphal,
Auestrasse 9,
27616 Bokel-Kransmor,

necromaniaczine [at] aol [dot] com


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