Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Soleil Tryste Zine No. 3

received email on the new Soleil Tryste:

Soleil Tryste Zine no. 3 is now available and ready to be shipped. 72 professionally printed pages in half-letter format. Full color hardboard cover and well layouted content in classy black/white.

Although we were (and still are) very satisfied with the previous issue, the new Soleil Tryste no. 3 is able to top it. As usual, we have done some long, deep and personal interviews with:
Anguish (Sweden)
Cruciamentum (UK)
Gevurah (Canada)
Ominous Silence Rec. (UK)
The Nihilistic Front (Australia)
Vulturine (Brasil)

Also, we are very proud to present a long diary of the »Doomwards let us row« european tour 2012 with:
Esoteric (UK)
Ahab (Germany)
Ophis (Germany)

One further features includes a report on the »Congregation of the Obscure« european tour 2012 with::
Dead Congregation (Greece)
Infinitum Obscure (Mexiko)

Get your copy for 5 Euro plus postage. Distributors feel free to ask for wholesales/trades.



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