Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sangwitok #9 (2011)

Sangwitok #9 (2011)
80 pg, A5, xerox, English/Malay

Ajal, Al Azazhil, Kantong Si Mayit, Thorns of Hate, Barbalans, Humiliation, Infernal Rites, Bestial Hordes, Sindraz, Brabazom, Abominog, ABMS696

Thy Fallen Kingdom, Natrah, Unconventional Pisruption, Singhasari, Grisatre, and one more I forgot the name

Able to release an issue every year is quite a achievement. Do you have kids now Mr. Ed? I hope family commitment will not slow the zine down. So here's the latest issue although a bit late in uploading this review. Maybe this issue already sold-out? In this issue he dropped that weird 4 columns per page layout. Apart from that is there any improvement on the layout? Nah. I got used to his style which is not bad. Quite a relieve to see Humiliation in a paper zine. A good Malaysian death metal band without myspace & facebook (at least at time of typing this). The interview with ABMS696 is the most interesting in this issue. Look very 'live' and interactive. Photocopy quality is not as good as #8. The texts on black/dark background are not easy to read. Some interviews with local bands are in Malay which is a waste of info to non-Malay readers (in this issue I think these bands are worth to check out). There's one interview the questions are in English but answered in Malay. #9 got back those sexy artworks and sex-themed cartoon but editor lamented on lack of artwork for this issue. There is a section for artwork called "Best of Hellart" where the editor chooses the best front cover according to his taste. The "3 Questions" section is new I guess. Questions like 'what would be if life without metal', 'latest stuff in your player' & 'recent metal zine, and metal is...', are asked to lots of well-known metalhead. Hah! Almost forgot the self-reviewed of issue #8 is here too. The grand issue #10 is already in the works, probably near to completion.

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