Thursday, July 21, 2011

Deadhead #5 (2010)

Deadhead #5 (2010)
84pg, A4, xerox, English

Rator, Beherit, Repulsion, Shackles, Nate Wilson, Embalmed Souls, Nauseant, Exumer, Evoked Curse/Evil Angel/Witch Tiger, D'Zai, Martyvore, Embrace of Thorns, Baphometal Fanzine, Chainsaw

Will you consider a pro-printed coloured cover as improvement? I do! While the content, layout, front cover style are the same with previous issues, the colour covers is the obvious difference you will notice. Basically, if you like the previous issues (crazy in-depth interviews) you will definitely like this one. The interviews are really long (including the one contributed by Jim Tsallos for Embrace of Thorns), even the bands didn't know or already forgotten on some of their past. Embalmed Souls jokingly request the reader to claim a prize from Wan for the patience reading until the end. At the end of some interviews Wan put some hand-written quotes by the band member which I didn't remember seeing in the previous issue. Few 'live' interviews made for this issue (including Holocausto of Beherit?!!). Wan, meet them 'in person' while they are here in Kuala Lumpur. There's a Beherit pin-up poster on the centrefold but it will be much better use separate paper for this, not having any interview printed on the back of the poster. Some changes on the review section, now the front cover artwork is used instead of logo.

Wan made a very long editorial which explain why "The Fifth Secrecy" used as the title for this issue and in ended with a warning 'The worst is yet to come!' Some 4 pages are used for article written about some band's attitude. Now I know why there are "fuck off Antacid" in #4. I can't stop laughing looking at some of the pictures here. This is between the zine and the bands. I know Wan since high school (1996!) but I also don't have any problem with those bands.

I tried to have some copies for Annar Distribution but sadly this issue already sold-out. You can still get this from Hell's Headbanger Rex and some European distro (in NWN forum, I saw some have this issue for sale).

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