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Hail To Cruelty #1 (2008)

Hail To Cruelty #1 (2008)
116 pg, A4, English

Ejecutor, Shackles, Metal Inquisitor, Chainsaw, Heptameron, Force Of Darkness, Hellrealm, Exorcist, Sadomator, Sadogoat, Hellish Crossfire, Goat Penetrator Zine, Enforcer

Scene Report

Learn English or Die!
Nightstalker Richard Remirez

My first “bootleg zine” review. This is actually a xerox copy of the zine. I don’t know how the actual zine looks, whether its pro-printed or photocopy. There are few zine which I don’t have the chance to buy it so I ask some metal head to xerox the zine for me. Firstly, besides being my reference in case in the future I buy their newer issue so I have something to compare with. At first I thought I will only put these review in my paper issue only (if there's one later) but then I think why not put some info here. So please don’t judge the picture of the zine because the actual zine will look better.

Nekroperverter & Evil Krusher made an excellent debut (picture of them available here). About the layout, it's a killer cut n paste style! Using 'old-English' font for the text and on some pages they used frame artwork. The pages are numbered and provided table of content. Reviews covered zine in the section called "Evil Scripts" and also audio stuff (demo, LP, EP & compilation) creatively named as "Demonstrations of the Dark" which are rated 1 to 5 with the highest point 666.

English are understandable. Good interviews are presented here and have also some live reports.

Mine copied copy are hand-numbered #032/200. I hope I can get a 'true' copy of this zine and also hope they can release more issues.

c/o Nekroperverter
Mercurio #1922
Quinta Normal

c/o Evil Krusher
Hostos #1353
Quinta Normal

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