Monday, November 16, 2009

Virus #5 (2009)

64 page, A4, xerox, English

Inferis, Necrolisis, Enshadowed, Spearhead, Witchcurse, Black Abyss, Hellghast, Grave Desecration, Shackles, As Sahar, Maniak, Abhorer

Embrace of Thorns, Paganus Doctrina, Dark Breed, Tantrum, Symphony Jimbalang

Scruples of An Old Metalhead, Slaves of The Portal, Pearls of Abyss

The thing that amaze me with Virus is, beside Deadhead Zine, Virus Zine is also the most interviewed editor in the local scene. Virus must be great I guess so I have very high expectation for this new issue. And luckily, it meet my expectation. This is my first issue by the way, never read them before (all back issues now sold out). First, the xerox quality is damn clear, the size is A4 (big size) and the layout is done the old cut n paste style and some with frame artwork, have table of content and page number, and the content are nicely arranged. So the visual expect pass 100% by my standard haha. How about the content or the reading material presented here? That's is hard to comment because that depend on your personal taste. The questions are OK, maybe not lenghty but it covered the 'musical aspect' of the band. Some people would also like to know non-music questions asked to the band (well, I read some review about this zine saying they want to see some 'life' questions) but I'm not. Not that I dont like to know what kind of food the band like to eat for dinner but for me that is not important. Some reviews here are contributed by some people which Fauzi gave the stuff due to lack of time. Probably they got few more stuff for reviews after this zine is complete so they give 1 extra sheet with some last minute reviews. Another thing, if you noticed the articles sounds familiar. Ok, those articles are written by Adam of NECROSCOPE ZINE. Adam also use that title for his articles in his own zine but that should not be problem. I think not many people read zine these days so will not know if that article already published elsewhere or not. I only detected 1 section on the article have been featured in issue #19. This issue also comes with a CDR sampler and the zine is hand-numbered in green. Oh yes, 1 last note before I end this review. I almost laugh looking at the blue stamped wording "YOUR COPY IS TRUE IF THE INK IS BLUE". But on serious note, do respect these editors. I will not mind if you made a copied of my zine but making profit out of it, that will piss me off. Oh, another last note hehe, you noticed ABHORER in the interviewed list, right. Well, that's done by Frank Stover, published with his permission and I think I do need to tell you who Frank is. Avid underground metal readers should already know.

c/o Fauzi


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