Thursday, June 16, 2011

Empayar #6 (2009)

Empayar #6 (2009)
magazine, Malay

In Torment, Aziz VFTE, Impiety, and some indie rock band

Did I mention about the policy of this site on monthly released magazine? Well,I will review this kind of publication here but I will do it once just to promote the magazine (I will not reviewing them every month!). I should put this up when they are still alive. This mag already r.i.p. and reformed under new name (Karisma) but since I have jotted down some notes about this mag before they r.i.p. so why not put them here. And of course, it’s also for my craze on Impiety. To see the face of Shyaithan on the front at the news stand is some kind of weird feeling but the magazine didn't put that name inside the magazine for security reason. Anyway, some info about this magazine, there are couple of famous local metal bands in the editorial. Some of them are Nazghoul, Xul MS, Fadzil, Jaie, Nadia, Bob Agigi, Ajizz, Lan Bye but they are using their real name instead of evil sounding pseudonyms. Some regular columns are "Belenggu Irama" (10 questions asked to well-known local ‘u/g’ and this issue features Aziz of Vortex of The East zine), "Expose Minda" (featuring Soul Devour, Leather Charms. It’s kind of featuring new upcoming local band), "Album klasik Tempatan" (direct translation in English is "Local Classic Album" but this issue feature Profane Creation's "False Mourning On Futile Grave" demo 1993), "Fenomena Rock", "Tribute", "Injeksi Minda" and the usual interviews, reviews & gig reports sections. Also included are pull-out poster of my recently fave band Nuclear Strikes.

There are some attempts of bringing 'underground' metal to the mainstream in the past but all of them failed. It seems this mag is more successful but later got some problem as well. Karisma looks promising. Unlike Empayar which disguised the mag as rock/indie music magazine (some issue feature indie band on the front cover) but featuring some extreme metal band inside, Karisma is more "metal" starts from its front cover.


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