Monday, June 20, 2011

Atmospheric #15 (2009)

Atmospheric #15 (2009)
60 page, full size, pro-print, Polish

Chris Agony, Project: Failing Flesh, Hermh, Quo Vadis, Sonneillon, Esqarial, Cryptic Tales, Sabaton, F5, Blindead, Source of Deep Shadows, Drown My Day

After reading the reviews in Burning Abyss & Necroscope I am interested to check out this mag out. Got this by trade with Brewry Distro ( The content are all in Polish. Not sure about the content whether its interesting or not but interviews are really lengthy, probably made "live". Anyway, the layout, etc are professionally done the way a magazine do it. Printing quality is like laser printed on glossy paper with hard cover which remind me of one issue of Singapore's Dark Legion Magazine. Reviews are rated with audio & zine separated into different sections and split & compilation have its own section. There are some gig reports too. I think the highlight of this issue is the tribute page on Lux Occulta. The mag probably review their discography (I'm guessing here, since I couldnt read Polish). Couldn't remember what makes me want to get this mag in the first place. On the visual aspects they are excellent.


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