Monday, June 20, 2011

Nobullshit #8 (2007)

Nobullshit #8 (2007)
26 pg, A4, xerox, English

Deathless Anguish, Georgian Skull, Wasted Land, Nihilistic Holocaust, Distorted, Dead Jesus, Inside Artzine, Grieving Age, Beltane

I got this zine by trade. Later I know this zine is also available for free by downloading the file from their web. Now I'm guessing I got the fucked-up version (wrongly printed) of this zine. I mean the page arrangement is not in order (double sided print) and the front cover is the same with the back cover (which is not the case in the download version). This is already the 8th issue. Usually at this stage, editors should have matured and improved. That is the case here so we will some interesting interviews. The zine starts with audio reviews (audio stuff, zine, video and book) before we can read the interviews. I found that putting the band's address at the beginning of the review is original, never seen that kind of format before. Layout 2 columns per page, neat looking, the pages are numbered but no table of content and some pages have background art. There are also some article which is quite a lot for a metal zine (Religion & Metal, What the Fuck, In The Desert Hell Part 2, Squat the World, A Witch Bibliography, What Do We get in return in Making Zine?, Am I A Potential Killer?, What's wrong with MP3?, How to make a Homebrew alcohol, Nothing to Write A Scene Report About?, Victim Of The System). The one on homebrew alcohol is cool which come with diagram. They also add their "diary" or experience in Saudi Arabia. The editors are Filipino but working in Saudi Arabia at the time of zine is made. They managed to get some Saudi Arabia bands here. They already released a new issue in 2011 which also available as free download. Check out their web!


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