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Iron Hammer #3 (2009)

Iron Hammer #3 (2009)
68 pg, A5, xerox, English

Death Invoker, Black Serpent, Sargatanas, Children Of Technology, Cultes des Ghoules, Metal Genocide, Kathgor

A mixed of old and new; cut n paste for the interview and 2 columns per page computer layout for reviews. "Zine without some personal words in the beginning feels like a cock without balls", says the editor. The editor also commented on some zine asking the same questions to every band as lack of individuality. Fortunately he doesn’t do that in his zine. Interviews are interesting so does the reviews. Total of 20 + 1.5 (last minute reviews) page for reviews. There are plenty because the font is small the way I like it! The first part of the review is "Unholy Scripture" (zine review). Normally zine will not short review of zine but here they are quite long. I learnt a few things from the zine reviews and I too, not often reading real English zine, mostly are Germ-anal-english one. The second part of the review (audio stuff) starts without any introduction right after Children of Technology interview. The reviews are not rated.

Just read good things (at least I good the impression that it is good) about Black Grail in the zine review of Ave Satan Zine. Well in Iron Hammer, the editor totally trashes them. Another highlight for me is the Kathgor interview. I couldn’t find enough info about this band even though there are from Malaysia. Other features in this zine; "Death Dealers" which is list & addresses of reliable labels around the world and also (lengthy) gig reviews.

c/o Marius Greza
Danziger Str. 20
73249 Wernan,

ironhammer @ archor . de

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