Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Reek #1 (2009)

Reek #1 (2009)
40 page, A5, xerox, English

Tribulation, Nuclear Winter Records, Fatalistic, Shackles, Maim, Miasmal

Another death metal fanzine. Excellent xerox quality! The pages are numbered and with table of content. Layout are made to look primitive (the font type and frame artwork) while on the reviews section are made cut 'n paste style. They put band discography at the end of the interviews. Interviews are short like less than 15 and average questions. Some interviews might not give you anything if you read zine a lot. Music reviews are not arrange in alphabetical order and not rated. Vinyl and CD in one section while demo in a separate section. Zine review also available here but no address of the zine being reviewed. Bands have but zine dont have that. The editor, Peter, also wrote articles on movies "Nekromantik", "der Todesking" and ends with gospel from "The Brotherhood of The Seventh Day" (not my topic though). What I find original is "A Look Into the Future" is list of upcoming releases which he look forward to have. I still think this is a good debut issue. After reading the 'introfuktion' I think the editor is being modest. His English is good especially when I firstly thought Reek Zine is from Thailand because no address written in this page (Peter did wrote 'Thailand' in his intro). Latest info, he changed the name to Reeking Death.

c/o Peter Larsen
Slotssøvejen 16,2
6000, Kolding,

impure666 (a)


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