Monday, June 20, 2011

Tornado #5 (2005)

Tornado #5 (2005)
44 pg, A5, xerox, English

Victimizer, Abysmal Grief, Blasphemy, Mirage, Arckanum, NWN, Vomitor, Watain, Misery Omen, Mournful Congregation, Ripper, Sodomizer

"The Cursed Issue", says the zine. I once have all the issues before #5. Those who do not know, the editor also played in Denial of God and own Horror Records. This issue looks like the way I remembered. Computer type layout with 2 or 3 columns per page. Using small font size so things look a bit cramp. No space waste because everything are nicely arranged. One thing that I think make their own trade mark is using frame/border artwork including in between the column. Interviews are a good read. They manage to interview Mirage (an old Danish Heavy Metal released a mini-album in 1985). Reviews are at times are short and are placed in extra space after the interview but it also have its own review section. I got this as a xerox copy from some metalhead like 2 years ago. The actual copy will look a lot better. I'm quite delighted to know a new issue is already out after a long silence. Will definitely get a copy of #6.


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