Monday, June 27, 2011

Cross of Black Steel #2 (2006)

Cross of Black Steel #2 (2006)
44pg, A4, pro-printed, English

Archgoat, Capricornus, Denial Of God, Diaboli, Exordium, Helrunar, Metsatoll, Morbosidad, Nachtmystium, Obtest, Primordal, Secrets Of The Moon, Skyforger, The Ruins Of Beverast, Tymah

"Transylvanian Underground Black Metal Zine" starts the zine with the editor name the bands that didn't answer their interview in their editorial. Nice way to ‘promote’ those bands.

Interviews are good but don't quite understand why such questions being asked to D.O.G. Anyway that is quite hilarious for me. The layout is very clean. 3 columns per page with background image and 'separator' between the columns. Lot of pictures and small fonts size. So there are lots of reading and lots of eye candy to prevent you from asleep. Thumbs up on the layout!

The reviews; CD/LP review in 1 section and tape/cdr/7" in different section. Both are not alphabetically arranged and not rated.

One thing I think quite unusual. When open the zine you see the same cover inside the zine before the editorial start. You can see the whole artwork when you spread out the zine like you can see above. Actually after I bought this issue, I found the link to download issue #1 in some forum. So comparing with the previous issue, they are using the same concept (cover design) and layout.



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