Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pathologically Explicit #7 (2005)

Pathologically Explicit #7 (2005)
52 page, A5, pro-print, English

Machetazo, Brodequin, Goregiastic Records, Melting Flesh, Flagellum Dei, Goratory, Gathering Darkness, Devourment, Deaden, Eschaton, Infected Malignity, Abrasive, Emeth, Internal Suffering, Misanthropy Productions, Rompeprop, Gutrol, Vomitory, Psycroptic, Nocturnal Vomit, Zombie Ritual, Vomit Remnants, Nihil Obstat, Stabwound

I'm not really sure whether this is pro-printed or a good laser xerox. Anyway, the print quality is excellent especially when background picture is used for the interview. Pity the layout is too simple type using computer. Some graphic used are not edited. You can see "click here to enter" which I think they are taken from websites. No table of content and the pages are not numbered. Some interviews dont have intro or band logo on top but the questions are numbered so you will not get confused. If its numbered 1, that will belong to the next interview/band. Music reviews are not rated and arranged by label releasing them, not by band's name. You will not see that too often! At the end of section, they continued with tape and zine reviews. A lot of bands featured here but they are not in genre that I like. Also available here a short Colombian scene report.

c/o Fernando Romero Bastante,
c/Madrid N°10,
14120 Fuenten Palmera,
Cordoba, SPAIN.

Patologic69 (a)

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