Thursday, June 23, 2011

Domain #6 (2010)

Domain #6 (2010)
44 pg, A4, xerox, English

Nuclear Warfare, Ancient Horns, Mantak, Hirilorn, Diocletian, Antacid, Imperial Tyrants, Impiety

Excellent xerox quality (laser! the type every zine should use these day). No changes at all on the layout department. Frame artwork on every page just like the previous issue (talking about issue #5, I didn't know it was included the Desaster boxset!). This issue use the artwork created by Oik Wasfuk ( Great and talented artist! You can see lots of killer artwork especially on the frame and on page #3. Interviews are OK. No review in this issue though due to tape/CD/vinyl deck not functioning (can any metalhead live without this? how do you cope with that man!). There is a column on serial killer, this time featuring Albert Fish. I'm not into this topic so I skip and read this last. But I found some quote that is interesting (little girls have more flavour than little boys). Also one funny thing, he insert wool in his anus and set it on fire. Well, not many will do that except for those jackass in Jackass. There are also some sort of mini-poster on the inside of the front & back cover (Shyaithan & Metalucifer). Syaiful did a good job again. This zine is printed in 300 copies and I've seen some Euro distro selling this zine. Get it before it sold-out.

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