Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hermyth #1 (2010)

Hermyth #1 (2011)
48 pg, A4, xerox, Malay

Sindraz, Qharinth, Catarrh, Enthusiastic, Zill Ghayib Zine, Ajal, Grind Your Ass Zine, Symphony Jimbalang, Tammat al-Qubra


Debut issue from Malacca. The editor said in the editorial the name of the zine inspired by Marilyn Manson. He also spoke about some history of this zine. He decided to do a cut n paste style but not a good one. I think with some research, he can do a lot better. Excellent laser zerox. Interviews are average, only simple question asked which led to simple (boring) answer by the bands (I wonder whether their music as boring as their answer?). Or probably they all are like me, can write better in English but not in Malay. Cool to know old band like Catarrh still answer paper zine like this. The layout are not the best one I've seen. Large font size, paste text on top of text (making it hard to read) and paste text on a blank paper (it's cut n paste too but on blank paper? That does not work with me). The zine is a bit organized though by having table of content and the page are numbered. Other content in the zine are news section, zine & audio reviews (reviews not rated). I didn't expect much because it is only a debut issue however they got potential. Hope they can release more issues in the future. My copy is hand-numbered #17 in green color.

c/o Azman
Lot 941, Jalan Setulang Daeng,
Pulau Gadong,
75200 Melaka,

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