Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Antichrist #6 (2008)

Antichrist #6 (2008)
36 pg, A4, xerox, English

Alastor, Bestial Raids, Dimentianon, Draco Hypnalis, Empheris, Hate, Moder, Nunslaughter, Old Temple Records, Rigor Sardonicus, Sathanas, Slaughter Brute

This is their first English issue. Congratulations! Neat computerised layout with background graphic and it is very fortunate that the xerox quality is excellent! If not, it will make the text hard to read. Also comes with CD sampler but I didnt get mine since I got this by trade from some local metalhead so can't comment on songs selection. Nothing much to say about this issue. The review section cover all formats (music section) and that consumed 10 pages of this zine but very few review in "Paper Artillery" (zine review). Aleksandr Moksymov did all the work (also run Deadshop distro and Dead Center Productions) while Faustina666 is responsible for the interview with Rigor Sardonicus. With 36 page, it looks like a thin zine but the font are small so there will be more to read. I have their newer issues and they have improved a lot and become a pro-magazine.


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