Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grrrl:Rebel #5 (2007)

Grrrl:Rebel #5 (2007)
66 page, A5, xerox, English

Girl Germs, Plush, Lick It Good, Oddity, BBBomb

As usual there are plenty of articles. Some column like "Words For Mind Empowerment" have few articles in it featuring articles made by Niesa (Mass Separation), Natalie (Suspicious Stains), Ika (Peniti Pink Distro), Rahel (Anti-Frat), Dodo (Wolverette Zine) & Kylie. There are band pictures between the articles. At first I thought editor themselves are the one who wrote the articles. Other articles in this issue: Behind The Veils & The Teary Eyes, Babymakers From The Land of The Imbeciles, Be Part of Grrrly Rebellion. Also not to forget (which I forgot to mention in #4) is about "Queen of Noize". They still continue doing this column. Here is already part #5. Other content Grrrl scene report from Turkey, also have some info on Ebonsight (all female black metal band. I got their flyers somewhere in 1990's), "photo album" of Singapore Grrrl bands circa 1992 till present, "Classified", "Humour Me", "I Hate Mail" and of course music & zine reviews. I noticed they made this nice text-box with some band info called "Grrrl Star" which I didn’t see in the previous issues but only featured 2 bands (Stronza, Foamy ED), probably this is just to fill up space. Another good read is Q&A section, featuring some skinhead bands where they are asked same set of questions. This issue continues the format they introduced in #4. The font size is smaller now and I think it looks better this way. So thumbs up again for this zine.

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