Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sangwitok #8 (2010)

Sangwitok #8 (2010)
92pg, A5, xerox, English

Paganus Doctrina, Diabolical, Nightmare, Pensees Nocturnes, Unlight Dawn, Orgy Of Flies, Symphony Jimbalang, Militant Attack, Wrath Passion, Abrahel, Immolate, Black Sister, Beltane

Morbid Funeral, Lost God, Thorns of Hate, Firasah, Inhumate, Sectioned, Dimentianon, Humiliation, Ceremony of Opposites

I feel like I just bought this issue week ago. Then I got an email from Ed informing #9 is out already. Now I realized months have passed by and this issue left neglected. There must be some reasons why I skip reading this hand-numbered #21 issue. Too many zine ordered in a month could be the main reason. What I find weird at first here is having 2 smaller pages in one A5 page with reduced font size. Editor justifies his action as cost cutting measure, to reduce the thickness of this issue. I think it will be nice if all the pages are made this way. The rest of the layouts are the one I already familiar with. The questions are entertaining, Sangwitok-style, although they are not all serious questions and music-related. As usual, quite a few bands are from Malaysia. Some interviews/bio is written in Malay. Would be better if they are made in English or maybe the band don’t want to spread their name outside of non-Malay speaking world (you, the reader are not missing anything anyway). Reviews are not rated and not grouped in specific section. They are sometimes in between the interviews. Artworks for this issue are courtesy of Karnivorism Art, Blackwitch Imperial Art & Nurhidaya. Infometal is here (8 pages) and yes, the editor's review of issue #7 is here. The thing that missing are the sexy chicks! Probably it was left out to pay respect for his late father which died before this issue is out (and be a good son for once). Issue #9 already out at this time so ask about that too when you contact them.

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