Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sadogoat Perversion #1 (2009)

Sadogoat Perversion #1 (2009)
64 pg, A4, xerox (pro-print cover), English

Blasphemophager, Cult of Daath, Mandatory, Morbosidad, God Macabre, Claustrophobia, Nocturnal Grave, Funebrarum, sanotorio, Almighty Emperor, Bestial Atrocity, As Sahar, Sadomator, Goatpenis, Morbid Goat Fornicator, Necrosadist, Body Hurting Art, Dodenkrocht, Blacker, Satanic Rites, Decayed, Tyrant's Blood, Tumult, Necroholocaust

Insultor, Unborn, Demoniac Slaughter

There are a lot of bands cramped in just 64 pages. No page number and no table of content. Questions are average, mostly 10 - 14 average questions. Earlier part of this zine is quite boring but gradually, the next interviews are getting better and better. So I assume the first interviews on the zine are his earlier work which is still lacking certain factor. Some interviews are contributed by Michael & Estupro. They made a special section for 'Ross Bay Cult' and this section feature Tyrant's Blood, Tumult, Necroholocaust. Xerox quality are good but some pictures is too dark. About the layout, Manuel use normal computer columns but with good frame artwork. Thanks goodness they use frame artwork which is good to look at since interview are not that interesting. There are some audio reviews. This is debut issue and I think the future can be a good issue. He knows where his weakest points are. Last check on his myspace few minutes before I upload this shows no new issues have been release.

c/o Manuel Atencio Bonatto,
Prolog. Faustino Sanchez C.,
El REtablo Iera etapa,
Lima 07 Peru


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