Saturday, June 18, 2011

Metal Zone Newsorder #1 (2008)

Metal Zone Newsorder #1 (2008)
32 page, A5, xerox, Malay

In Torment, Ceased War, Samatary, Akhnakh

Kundinar, Raizhobium, Gagak Bulan, Incarcerate, Reynagade, Ensemble Of Silence, Hereafter, Necroagony, Oprich, Al-Azazil, Gorgon, Traitor, Ceremonial Casting, Niang, Obsolete, Cafergot

I believe this "newsorder" is a newsletter given free to any Metal Zone Distro customer. It's not a professionally design newsletter but look more like a 'old' zine with good frame/border artwork. This small publication has page number and table, with front cover artwork made by Zizi Amri. There is only one interview made by MZD (with Stone of Silent Death. Stone was in drug rehab at that time) while the rest are made by Askwhatra of Al-Zannakh zine. They also have a section called "Metal Zone News" which I mistaken it as Metal Zone news (news concerning the label) but it turn out to be the usual metal news. The effort of making mini posters of Godless Rising and Braindead is great but the xerox quality is not good enough, so that mini posters will be a waste. No in-depth discussion in the interviews. They are short and are mainly to promote the bands. Some reviews (CD, CDR, tape and zine) and gig report available also some flyers pasted here and there, as well as a section of Metal Zone distribution list. It would be great if they can continue producing this kind of publication of course not because it’s free but because of the content.

c/o Metal Zone Distro
No. 24 Jalan Peremba,
Taman Samudera,
05050 Alor Setar


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